Wednesday, June 26, 2013

That Dreaded Letter

Ugh! I got that dreaded letter in my email a couple days ago. The one that says "Sorry. We don't like your manuscript, but hopefully someone else will." To be honest I sort of expected it. Rejections are most of what I've received lately and I know I'm not that lucky. If I want something, I'm going to have to work for it. It doesn't mean I don't find the rejections frustrating. Believe me. I do.

Rejection letters really offer no closure. They don't have a reason. Just "sorry, not interested." I know that agents and their assistants don't have time to inform everyone of every little detail wrong with their query or manuscript, and I would never ask for that. Sometimes, though, I'd like to know why, something to improve on. "Sorry, you're characters were a little dull," "this part doesn't make enough sense," "the plot isn't as exciting as it could be," etc. Just a small something to work on is better than the standard rejection, I would think.

I'm the kind of person who likes to improve and while I don't always take criticism well, I know it is necessary in life to grow. I live in a small area. I haven't been able to find a writer's group that I like and the people around me feel like I'll never get published and won't read my writing. It feels like I'm alone sometimes in this writing endeavour. Some day I'll prove all the naysayers wrong!

As for some good news, I've gotten a lot written on my latest manuscript. Thirteen chapters, since I can't type on my laptop. The word count puts a pressure on me that isn't necessary. I find myself watching it constantly! Immortal's rough draft should be finished soon and I can get editing and typing it up. Now if I could just find some BETA readers I'd be set...


  1. I hear ya. When I queried my first manuscript, I received 30 form rejections. So no help to know how to improve. I'm about to work on my fourth novel and query my third. It's always scary, but I have to push through. Don't give up hope. Happy writing!

    1. Thanks Christine. It is easy to lose hope and feel like a big fat failure. It's nice to have a support group and perseverance. I appreciate your kind comments!