Monday, May 27, 2013

4:00 AM is a good time!

Oh my heck! I know I amazed you all with my stunning wit yesterday, but I had to post again because I had an interesting thought on my paper route today. Yes, the route where I drive down streets in the early morning for roughly 2 hrs, roll and throw 260 papers then come home hoping I can catch another hour of sleep before the monsters roll out of bed. Generally when the sun comes up, which happens to be around 5AM here in AZ during the summer, but I digress.
        Here was my though: What happens to the decisions we don't make? Where do they go?
        Brilliant, right?
        I mean, those thoughts exist somewhere. We thought them. But what happens if say, I choose cream cheese over strawberry jam on my bagel. What happens to the strawberry jam choice? And then it come to me. A new idea for a story. I have to say, I'm in love! I started jotting down outline and character ideas. No, I haven't stopped my last manuscript. I'm still cleaning up the angel, and all her mortal imperfections and the demon with all his cocky greatness, but this idea is tickling my brain and I have to write it down! I'll let you know more when I have it!

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